How You Can Get A Free Ride Home On New Years Eve!

Hello 2020, Goodbye 2019!

The most important thing you can do tonight is NOT drink and drive! Farah & Farah is offering you a FREE safe ride home. All you have to do is go to their website and fill out a form HERE with your contact information to get a code for a FREE Uber or cab ride home.

This will be available from 8pm 12/31 to 4am 1/1.

Cab companies participating:

  • Coastal Cab (Jacksonville): 904-222-2000
  • Clean Taxi (St. Augustine): 904-808-9995

Uber rides will be covered up to $50. If the ride exceeds $50, it is the rider’s responsibility to cover the remainder of the cost.

Please have a fun but safe Happy New Year!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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