Coronavirus: Recommendations & Activities To Do While Stuck At Home!

Just like you, I'm working at home- social distancing, only going into the station to do my on-air shifts. So I totally get the "Coronavirus Cabin fever"! But there are some fun ways to keep yourself, the in laws and even the kids entertained while stuck inside.

Take the kids to Disney! Kinda. You can virtually ride some of your favorite Disney rides like Space Mountain and Frozen Ever After HERE

Many of the famous museums around the word are offering virtual tours. From the Natural Gallery Of Art in D.C to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin Germany, you can virtually walk thru them all HERE.

You can't travel to New York at the moment, but you can still catch a Broadway play! listed out many plays you can watch from home on Amazon Prime or YouTube or iTunes.

You can have a virtual Netflix party with friends and family! You just need Google Chrome browser on your computer and a Netflix subscription of course! Check out and follow the directions.

Try the Food Network App for free for 30 days. Learn how to cook at home LIVE from some of the Food Network Chefs.

Some recommendations as to what to watch, listen to and read HERE

HERE is a list of other ideas you can do like "Watch films that won a Best Picture Oscar". One I like, #7- "Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language". That way when Italy is safe to travel to again, I can speak the language of my people better! But whatever you do, DO NOT do #4!!!

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