Winn Dixie: New Hours, Employment Opportunities & Helping Food Banks

Winn Dixie is here to help! Southeast grocer (Winn Dixie) will modify hours, donate meals and offer employment opportunities to those in need in the SouthEast.

They are changing their store and pharmacy hours and guarantee to provide a clean, safe shopping environment as well as offering jobs opportunities for those not working due to another business being closed.

They are doing what many stores are, allowing all seniors and high-risk customers to shop at Winn-Dixie grocery stores Monday through Friday from 8am-9am. Opening all their pharmacy locations at 8am weekdays, with normal pharmacy hours on the weekend. All Winn-Dixie grocery stores will close at 8 p.m every night for the time being.

They has also gone above and beyond to make sure meals will be provided to customers that need it most as well. Donating $250,000 to Feeding America® to help food banks. It will help ensure meals will be provided to customers.

Since so many restaurant staff are out of work, they are offering positions to people in the Southeastern part of the country who have been affected. If you are interested in applying for a job, you can visit your local Winn-Dixie grocery stores for more info or visit

For a list of all pharmacy locations and hours, you can visit Need help finding a meal? You can visit for information about local food banks.

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