Warmer Climates Will Slow Down Coronavirus

You know how you complain ever summer about it being too hot out? Well now lets hope Florida temperatures stay in the 80's/90's! Seems that warmer climates will slow down Coronavirus. Now it does't kill it, but heck, we'll take it!

Scientists and researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the Coronavirus thrives in colder temperatures. Locations where temperatures are between 37.4 and 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit have reported the most cases, while those with higher temperatures account for less than 6%. Look at us here in Florida, we have experienced a slower outbreak compared to such states as New York and Washington. We still need to take strong precautions. The virus might not live as long in higher temperatures, it can still be contagious for hours and of course can still be dangerous. Warmer temperatures may make Coronavirus less effective, but that does not mean that there is no transmission.

Be Safe, Stay Home. Pray this will all end soon!