Gen Z: One In Three Don't Know The Beatles

George Harrison Said to Be Seriously Ill

Photo: Getty Images

One in three young people don’t know The Beatles. 

A new poll surveyed two-thousand UK “Generation Z” respondents to find out how familiar they were with various artists, and their views on music.

The survey found only one in two are familiar with David Bowie, and almost a third were unfamiliar with The Beatles.

The study also showed that over a third of the generation wouldn’t listen to a song if it was released before they were born. ("...of all the generations, Baby Boomers (aged 55-73) were the generation least interested in getting to know older music.")

Gen Z is those born from the mid to late 1990s up until the early 2010s. Today they range in age from about 10 to 25. And they desperately need to be introduced to The Beatles.


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