Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Nearly Falls Off Stage, Keeps Singing

Part of the reason Iron Maiden is still headlining arenas all over the world after all these years is because frontman Bruce Dickinson hasn't lost a step in almost 40 years with the band...except for maybe this one time.

But I blame the step!

If you watch videos of Iron Maiden performing with Dickinson in the early-'80s or today, there's honestly not a big different in Dickinson's vocal ability, stage presence or general athleticism and energy level. 

The singer has always taken his stagecraft seriously, and the newsworthiness of this recent trip-and-fall is evidence of his (and Iron Maiden's stage crew's) usual attention to detail. 

During a recent concert in Manchester, England, Dickinson was singing "2 Minutes to Midnight" atop his usual centerstage perch. From fan-filmed video of the incident, it looks as though the frontman tried to step down from the platform when he tripped on something.

Most impressively, he keeps singing!

And to further prove himself the consummate performer, Dickinson exaggerates the flop and then hops back up as if to inspect the treacherous platform before singing, "OW!" in time and in key with the song.

Check out the video above.  

It certainly seems like Dickinson is okay; his tumble occurred during the third song of the evening. The band played 13 more that night, including its encore.

Iron Maiden has a few more dates on its Legacy of the Beast tour. Get them here

Photo: Getty Images

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