Sebastian Bach Says You Should Vote "If You Care About the Children"

Sebastian Bach is encouraging his fans to vote today (November 6) no matter what.

In a video posted to his YouTube account Monday, Baz urged fans to "just do it" and overcome whatever apathy they might be feeling about their civic duty. 

The former Skid Row singer is currently in the Dominican Republic, where he's scheduled to perform tonight, but he says he voted by mail a few weeks ago.

"If you care about the health of our planet, if you care about having a safe, happy place to live in, if you care about standing up to white supremacy, if you care about common-sense gun control so our kids feel safe in schools — so we feel safe going to a movie or a concert, if you care about any of those things, you must vote," he says in the near-2 minute video.

He continued with a plea, regarding environmental issues.

"... I'm reading articles saying that this is the last generation that can save nature. The planet is in peril and every year it gets hotter."

He added that "it's our responsibility as adults to leave the best world that we can" for our children.

Party control of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate will be decided with today's election.

Many experts say that a high voter turnout will allow democrats to take control of the House, while majority control in the Senate is likely to stay in republican hands.

Photo: Getty Images

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