Gordon Chevy - Orange Park Mall Hurricane Dorian Donations

Gordon Chevy is partnering with the Orange Park Mall to spearhead relief efforts for the residents of The Bahamas, where various islands have been hit hard by Hurricane Dorian’s devastating strength. While we feel extremely fortunate that the path of Hurricane Dorian spared the majority of our state, the devastation felt by our friends in the Bahamas will impact that area for years to come. We continue to pray for the well-being of our neighbors in The Bahamas, and would like to move quickly with relief efforts. We are counting on our community’s generosity, which has been an anchor for many during crises facing other parts of our state.

While we continue to organize a plan, we will begin accepting donations at our dealership at 1166 Blanding Blvd for critical supplies requested by Bahamian government officials. Please limit donations to items requested by the government of The Bahamas. They include, but are not limited to:

Water, non-perishable foods.

Hygiene kits (tissue, toothpaste, tooth brushes, towels, and sanitary napkins).

Cleaning supplies (bleach, mops, brooms, garbage bags, sponges, clothes pins, disinfectants). Baby formula, bottles, diapers and supplies.

Beds, cots, blankets.

Flashlights, batteries, generators.

Mosquito repellent (DEET-free).

Cooking utensils, disposable plates and eating utensils.

First Aid Kits (bandages, gauze and tape).

Power banks, solar-powered chargers, portable radios (battery or crank).

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