Billie Eilish Brings Fan To Tears After Hearing Her Incredible Backstory

After debuting her James Bond theme song at the 2020 BRIT Awards, Billie Eilish is making the rounds overseas and the pop star recemt;y took to Radio 1's Capital Breakfast radio show to surprise one of her biggest fans and the waterworks were non-stop.

During the Thursday broadcast (February 20), the superstar, 18, surprised a 16-year-old fan named Marissa, who serves as a caretaker for her diabetic mom and her brother, who deals with severe learning disabilities. "Balancing out home life as a young carer, school life with GCSEs, social life with my friends who aren't going through the same thing I am," she told host Roman Kemp. "I have lovely friends but they don't understand. They're not young carers, so they're not in my position. They can't relate to me but they will always be there to support me if I'm down. But they're never really going to know what it's like to be in my shoes."

As for her avenues of escapism, Marrisa said she turns to the "really inspiring" Eilish. "Her music is the type of thing that whenever you're down and depressed and you've had a long day, just go into my room, lie down in my bed and blast up the volume. I don't care if I go deaf and listen to her," she explained during the show. "I've seen her interviews and I know she's had a tough life, especially going into fame. We're very different people and we have very different lives but I can relate to her so much."

Once Kemp prompted the fan to turn around, the big unveil was revealed and she came face-to-face with the star and a warm embrace. "Life is hard," Marissa told the two while trying to hold back tears. "It's so hard and I have moments where I'm like, ‘I can't do this anymore,' but then you're not alone. You still feel that in your head because it's all in your head. Mental health is everything, so you always feel alone no matter how much you talk about it. I may feel like, right now, I am alone, but there are hundreds of other people out there who also feel like they're alone right now so you're not."

Photo: YouTube/Capital FM

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