Van Halen Memorial In Pasadena Cannot Contain His Likeness, Report Says

A proposed memorial honoring Eddie Van Halen in his hometown of Pasadena, California, is moving forward, but with some legal restrictions that limit what the town can build in Eddie's memory.

The Van Halen memorial was quickly approved by the city council following an outpouring of requests following Eddie's death last fall at age 65. An advisory team was established and two local women set about raising money for the project.

Due to legal issues, the memorial can include neither Eddie's likeness nor the iconic 'Frankenstrat' guitar which he built for himself in the '70s, so the city has settled on devoting a plaque to the guitar icon, reports Pasadena Now.

The plaque would be installed near the city Convention Center, which is next to the Civic Auditorium, where Van Halen played often in the mid-'70s.

“Van Halen’s epic rise from local garage band to hometown heroes to international superstars is nothing short of incredible,” said Randa Schmalfeld, one of the organizers of the fundraiser. “We are so delighted that Van Halen will be recognized with a plaque celebrating the band’s Pasadena roots, and the important role that the Pasadena Civic Auditorium played in the band’s early success. We are delighted to make this significant donation in celebration of Edward Van Halen’s extraordinary talent and in honor of Van Halen’s Pasadena roots”

Van Halen fans from around the world have donated about $6,500 for the project. There is no timeframe yet on when the memorial will be installed.

When news broke of Eddie's passing, the City of Pasadena began trending on social media and fans flocked to the Van Halens' childhood home, where they left flowers and other tributes.

Local support for a Van Halen memorial in the city where Eddie and his older brother, drummer Alex Van Halen, grew up and formed the band received overwhelming support. But that support was balanced with concerns over how an Eddie Van Halen memorial could affect traffic and tourism in the area.

In January, Guitar Center unveiled a Van Halen mural at the rear-entrance of its flagship store on the Sunset Strip. The photo-like painting of Eddie in one of his most iconic poses drew praise from Eddie's friends and family.

Photo: Getty Images