Why April 23rd Matters in Rock History

It’s April 23rd and here are some reasons why this day matters in classic rock history:

In 1963, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones met for the first time during a Stones performance at England’s Crawdaddy Club.

In 1976, The Ramones released their self-titled debut album.

In 2003, former Hole singer Courtney Love placed an ad in New York’s Village Voice looking for new female band members.

In 2003, “Kryptonite” band 3 Doors Down proved they weren’t a one-hit wonder when their song “When I’m Gone” topped the singles chart.

And in 2004, Green Day had to issue a statement to counter a widespread rumor that singer Billie Joe Armstrong died in a car accident.

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

Photo: Getty

(H/T: This Day in Music)