Dee Snider Touches On The Likelihood Of A Twisted Sister Reunion

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Dee Snider has said in the past that a Twisted Sister reunion would be an "insult" to the fans, but it looks like the frontman is changing his tune. During a recent visit to The Hook Rocks! podcast, Snider gave an update on his thoughts about hitting the road again.

“As a result of all the bands retiring and dying, the offers get bigger and bigger for the holdouts to come back,” he explained. “At some point, you’ve gotta say, ‘Well, how can I say no to that?'”

“Is it there yet? No. Is it getting close? Yeah," he added, referring to a full-blown reunion. "Is there talk amongst us, like, ‘Well, in the event that the numbers do get there, and they sure as h*** seem to be going in that direction, how are we gonna do this?’ So there’s a little bit of that conversation.”

“And that’s a recent occurrence, that the conversation has gone from ‘never’ to ‘in the event that they make as an offer we can’t refuse, what’s the plan?'” Snider noted. “And there’s some very general discussion on that, involving personal trainers, diets, hair extensions. And that’s the first time in eight years that the conversation has changed.”

Twisted Sister embarked on their farewell tour in 2016. They did reunite for a one-off performance when they got inducted into the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame in 2023, but at the time Snider still denied any prospect of a reunion tour.

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