Timeline of the disappearance of Taylor Rose Williams

The disappearance of 5-year-old Taylor Rose Williams seems to unfortunately be near its end. For those of you that may have missed parts of the story, below is a brief recap of key points in the investigation led by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. Members of the community also set out as soon as they heard of Taylor's disappearance to help find her.

Taylor Rose Williams

Taylor Rose Williams

Wednesday, November 6th 

  • At 7:22am, Taylor Rose Williams was reported missing by her mother, Navy petty officer Brianna Williams. The claim was that Taylor was seen in bed around midnight, but was missing the next morning and the back door of the home was unlocked. 
    • JSO sets up a command center in the Brentwood neighborhood, near the home where Brianna Williams says her daughter was missing from. 
    • All but one person living in the neighborhood stated that they had never seen Taylor and didn’t know a child lived in the house. 

  • By 11:30 AM, an Amber Alert had been issued, and JSO began searching the Southside Villas apartment complex where the mother and daughter previously resided.
    • A couple that assisted in the move recalled moving children's furniture, but never saw a child. The mother said Taylor was in the restroom, but they never actually saw her. Brianna was allegedly acting strange during the move. 
    • Certain requirements needed to be met before an Amber Alert could be sent out.

  • By 5PM, Brianna’s car was removed from the home in Brentwood, as well as a dumpster from the apartment complex on the Southside of Jacksonville. News4Jax reported that a cadaver dog alerted on the car. 

Brianna Williams, mother of Taylor Rose Williams

Brianna Williams, mother of Taylor Rose Williams

Thursday, November 7th 

  • Still, no one has seen Taylor. Later in the day, Brianna stopped cooperating with investigators after being questioned on the numerous inconsistencies in her story about Taylor.

  • A relative of Taylor’s father reveals he had not seen the child in at least two years. Brianna allegedly did not allow him to have communication with Taylor or visit her.

Friday, November 8th 

  • Oddly, Brianna returns to work as a member of the Navy’s Tactical Operations Center. 

Monday, November 11th 

  • Brianna Williams, Taylor’s mother, is announced as a person of interest in the disappearance of Taylor.

  • Members of JFRD travel to Demopolis, Alabama which is near Brianna’s hometown, Linden, Alabama to search for Taylor.

Tuesday, November 12th

  • By 1pm, search teams reported the discovery of human remains in a wooded area in Alabama. The remains have not been identified but are alleged to be that of a child. State Attorney Melissa Nelson later said the remains were believed to be that of Taylor Rose Williams. 

  • At 3pm, it was reported that Brianna was being transported to UF Health from NAS Jax after an apparent overdose. As of 10pm, she is still listed in critical condition.

  • During a 5:30pm press conference, Sheriff Mike Williams announced Brianna had been arrested on charges of child neglect and giving false information to investigators.  She is being held on a $1.1 Million bond.

For a timeline with additional information, click here.

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