Is There A New NIRVANA: Kurt Cobain Movie- Because There Is A Trailer?!

No. There isn't. I've been lied to. So I saw this movie trailer post up on Facebook and thought "WHATTTT - I have to see this!!". Clicked on it and was like wow, that dude looks like Kurt and wow this movie looks like it could be really good. Well it's-not-real apparently. Kurt's birthday was February 20th (he would have been 53) and on that day this movie trailer just pops up on social media, a movie that wasn't a doc but a dramatization about his life. It looked real but apparently was posted by TeaserPRO and not a movie studio. TeaserPrio is a group who creates renderings of theoretical movies, what they call “trailer mashups". So NO, this is not a real movie, this movie doesn’t exist. At least not yet. But what are you waiting for Hollywood?