American Foundation for Suicide Prevention- Managing Mental Heath

Your mental health is important and social distancing is making staying connected challenging, but the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention wants to make sure you reach out to one another and support each other during this time.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is dedicated to your mental health. This week, they’ll be providing informative and helpful content across their social media platforms.

Today, Wednesday, March 25th, AFSP is hosting a question and answer session on their Instagram page. Dr. Christine Moutier, and Dr. Jessi Gold of Washington University in St Louis Department of Psychiatry, will be answering questions about COVID-19 and how you can manage your mental health while dealing with social distancing. If you have a question, follow them on Instagram @afspnational and write in your question.

Also today at 12 p.m., Dr. Christine Moutier will participate in a webinar hosted by PsychU focused on the mental health during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Moutier will share advice on self-care tips and discuss her perspective on using technology to engage with patients. You can register and join the webinar discussion here.

Tomorrow,Thursday, March 26th at 4 p.m on Facebook Live, AFSP will be hosting Ask Dr. Jill, she will be answering questions and providing tips on how we can support our own and others' mental health.

Everyone manages their mental health differently in times of uncertainty, but there are steps we can all practice to take care of ourselves. If you need help, please reach out. Take care of yourself and be there for each other!

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