What Are Considered “Essential” Items In Different Countries?

A study was conducted around the world with the different cultural differences as to what is considered "essential" during the Coronavirus pandemic and of course U.S stands out.

In France, the essentials are pastry and wine. Bakeries, cheese, and wine shops are allowed to remain open. In Italy, restrictions are pretty tight as food and medicine shops are only allowed open. China has eased up on some of its previous restrictions but still considers hospitals, supermarkets and pharmacies essential.

So what is on the U.S.'s essentials list? Weed, Golf and Guns! Weed was cited as medicine, golf as exercise. Sadly flower shops for funerals and then guns in the south for safety.

But what's one thing the world agrees is absolutely essential? BOOZE! Beer, liquor and wine shops the world over have been allowed to remain open during the pandemic.

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