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St. Augustine To Host The First Ever "Florida Man Games"!

This is's not a's happening! St. Augustine will host the first-ever "Florida Man Games" on February 24th at St. Francis Field.

And they have some very "Florida Man" events....16 teams of 5 people each will have five events that can participate in...

The Beer Belly Sumo Wrestling, the Evading Arrest Obstacle Course where you'll jump over fences and run through yards while being chased by cops, so very Florida...Then there is the Catalytic Converter race with 2 Bikes and a Handful of Copper Pipes...I guess the winner is the team who can steal the most? The Weaponized Pool Noodle Mud Duel. Remember T.V show American Gladiators? Well kinda like that, jousting with pool noodles while standing on a platform in an above-ground pool. And the Category 5 Cash Grab, where you apparently stand in a box to try to grab as much cash as you can but in hurricane force winds.

They'll also have a mullet contest, a "Florida MA'AM" beauty pageant and "Chicken Coop Bingo," where chickens pick the numbers.

Then the event ends with a "9-1-1 Fight Night: Brawl of the Badges." Looks like boxing matches between firefighters and cops.

Tickets are $45, or $145 for V.I.P. tickets. Back to American Gladiators...well if you watched the T.V show, then you should remember Nitro and Ice, they are guest judges!

Anyone in Florida can compete in the games. You have until November 15th to register...and no, you don't need to be athletic to participate (hence the Beer Belly Sumo Wrestling).

For More Info And To Register, visit:

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