Here's what to do if the stores are out of water.

With everyone in the southeast trying to get their hands on as much water and supplies as possible, it is creating shortages. Water bottles are great for brushing your teeth, drinking and some may use it for cooking, but could you be wasting clean water on others tasks? 

Using CLEAN empty containers you have laying around right now will help you preserve the water bottles you have. This water can be used for personal hygiene and even cooking. 

Another tip is to bag up the ice your refrigerator is making right now and if the power goes out the bags will slowly melt leaving you with cold water. There is also the water heater you have in your home, they are usually filled with clean water and most are able to be drained slowly should you need to do so, but be careful as these things are also electric appliances! 

We can't forget that bathtubs are also made to hold water so, clean it well and fill up your tub for easy access to gallons of water! 

How are you using the resources you have to get prepared for this storm? Click the comment button below to share with others. 


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